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When living in the Buffalo, NY area we have to deal with various weather elements such as rain, snow, and cold. Unfortunately, water can easily make its way into our basements if they aren’t adequately protected. That’s where we come in at Locktight Waterproofing Corp. Our experienced basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractors will ensure your home can withstand even the most brutal storms.

With immediate service you can count on, we have an endless list of happy clients. Our LockTight Waterproofing Corp. reviews are proof that we will work endlessly to ensure your basement is dry and crack-free! Nobody wants a wet basement, so call our experienced team before it is too late.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Sicard
    "I have struggled with a wet, musty, moldy basement for years. Finally after hiring LockTight, I have a dry. fresh smelling, mold free basement. Don, Walter and the crew are consummate professionals. Every aspect of the process was explained before the work began and all my questions were answered. The crew was polite and really worked hard the entire time. No slackers here. Everything was cleaned up at the end of each work day. I am very pleased with the entire LockTight organization. My satisfaction was their priority and the quality of the crew and job they performed was excellent."
    Mr. & Mrs. Sicard
  • Kevin Boyd 2017
    “I have nothing but praise for the LockTight Waterproofing team. To a man, they are all professional, extremely knowledgeable and hard working. Our house needed new drainage pipes around the outside of the home and around the perimeter of the cellars interior walls. Their dump truck brought the pick hammer, tools, new pipe, gravel etc. and took away all the debris. I was skeptical that they could accomplish all the work in 5 days. But they did! The workers said, ‘We have done this before, we know what we are doing, we work together hard and fast, we are a team.’ Believe it! This bucket brigade hauling gravel, cement, broken concrete was very fast and efficient. We have run our own dehumidifier to fasten the concretes drying. The cellar is absolutely dry and smells fresh, no mold. We won’t hesitate to put anything in the cellar now. Is the cost worth it? Well, we went with another company years ago. The work was not successful, and they just shrugged their shoulders. I researched LockTight thoroughly. The warranty covers parts and labor for 25 years ($12 per year), is transferrable to new owners and, simply put, promises no water in the cellar ever again. Yes, LockTight Waterproofing is worth every dime.
    Kevin Boyd 2017
  • Mr. & Mrs. Heist
    “Very pleased with the job completed. All employees were very professional and cleaned up at the end of each day. The Foreman explained at the beginning of each day what would be done as well as check in at the end of the day to review what was completed and what would be done the following day. The Foreman answered any questions and never complained if I went down to see what was happening. Staff was quick to respond when I noticed condensation on the floor, they sent a worker immediately to check the work over and made a small repair on the spot. We are very pleased with the job that was done and the quality care given to us in the process. Thank you LockTight we now have a dry basement that we can use!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Heist
  • Mr. & Mrs. Burr
    “We are thrilled with the job that ALL of your employees did with our basement! The foreman explained exactly what was going on each day before they started. He gave me a lot of information about the process and end results. The other employees on the job were impressively professional – which I can’t say about some companies these day! They kept everything clean as they went along, they got to work immediately upon arrival each day. They took care in protecting our property where they were working and so much more. We are above and beyond being satisfied with LockTight. Satisfied is an understatement! We can’t thank everyone enough for doing wonderful work and putting our minds at ease! We will recommend LockTight to everyone we know! Thank you!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Burr
  • Aaron Carluccios
    “The work performed by your staff was conducted very efficiently and fast. Your people were affable and professional. The work was completed in a timely manner. I’m glad I had LockTight do the work because I feel it was a more complete job compared to some of your competitors, and it was done by people who have a lot more experience than the rest. I want to thank the men at LockTight Waterproofing for helping me save my basement.”
    Aaron Carluccios
  • Anna Klapakis
    “My basement no longer has ‘that musty smell.’ It not only smells better, it feels better and somehow safer to work in the basement, as well as store items in the basement. Thank you LockTight for your quality work and follow up.”
    Anna Klapakis
  • Bill & Amy Jacobs
    “Our feelings on how the job was conducted was well organized. 1st day: A foreman came and introduced himself, went in the basement, knew exactly what kind of equipment he needed to begin the job. He and his crew before they began working, they wanted to cover the traffic area. We asked “how many days of work?” Foreman said about 3 days. They worked and cleaned up after their work. The job was done in 2 ½ days and the employees were great and mannered. We are VERY satisfied with the work performed. We would recommend LockTight to our friends and family. Like the commercial says, “Do It Right With LockTight”, this is so true! Our two labs NEVER went down in the basement because of the musty smell. Two days after, our basement was done through LockTight, our dogs go down to the basement now.”
    Bill & Amy Jacobs
  • Mr. & Mrs. Giacchino
    “We hired LockTight to repair the basement in our home on 6-22-11. We were so pleased and satisfied with their work that on 7-30-12 we signed another contract with them to repair the basement on our rental house. It should be noted that both of these basements had serious water issues and were in dire need of repair. LockTight’s workmanship was superb and we are 100% satisfied. As of this writing we have yet to experience any leaks in the walls or the floors at either residence. We recommended LockTight to the Wilsons in Brant. They were experiencing serious water problems in their basement. Upon our recommendation they signed a contract with LockTight also. The last time I spoke to Mrs. Wilson, she was 100% satisfied with LockTight’s workmanship. We will continue to recommend your company in the future.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Giacchino
  • Ms. Jakubowicz
    “The job was completed in a timely manner. The crew knew what they were doing and worked like a well-oiled machine. Don and the rest of your employees left my basement cleaned than it was before the work started. So far I am satisfied with the work done. Proof of its success will come in warmer weather when the snow melts and spring rains come. If there still is a water issue in the basement, you’ll hear from me.”
    Ms. Jakubowicz
  • Mr. Loomis
    “I’m very happy with the waterproofing work done at my house. The employees were polite and conducted themselves in a professional manner. I was concerned after signing the contract and putting down the down payment that I was spending too much and having more work done than was necessary but I now know that it was necessary and important to have done. Don was very helpful and informative, taking his time to explain things to me and assure all my questioning. They did a good job putting things back and cleaning up. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LockTight to anyone considering having this type of work done.”
    Mr. Loomis
  • Ms. Drier
    “I am very satisfied with the job your employees completed. All were gentlemen and answered any questions I asked. I was given an update on what they were doing each day. They also made me aware of some problems that I will have to take care of. I do appreciate that everyone from the top down made me feel more comfortable with my decision to go with your company.”
    Ms. Drier
  • Mr. & Mrs. Pazderski
    “Dear Tony, Tom, Don and the LockTight crew, Wow! Thank you to the LockTight crew that worked on our basement. We are now not afraid when it rains. We were very impressed with your quality of work, the crew’s professionalism and how clean our basement was throughout the project. We will definitely recommend LockTight to all of our friends and neighbors. Thank you again!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Pazderski
  • Ms. Beckwith
    “All the guys worked their butts off. They worked together as a team. They were very professional in all their dealings. The foreman Don was very nice as well as helpful. The basement looks so much better and there’s no more water!! Thank you! I will recommend LockTight!”
    Ms. Beckwith
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andujar
    “I would rate the entire job as A+. Your employees were very professional and hard working. Don and Walter explained what the crew was doing and showed me what was being done as the job progressed. When the work was finished, the crew did a super job of cleaning up. Two days after the job was finished we received a very heavy rain. Our basement remained totally dry. I am very pleased with the work you did for us. You can be sure that I will tell my friends what a great job LockTight did.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Andujar
  • Ms. Conway
    “Don and his crew of guys were great. Extremely responsible and respectful and wonderful advocates of your company. Their workmanship was top notch and you should be happy to have them represent you out in the business world! Great guys!”
    Ms. Conway
  • Smyth
    "Job was done very professionally. Great work! Walter was especially helpful."

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  • Mrs. Gorski
    “Thank you for a job well done. The gentlemen working at and in my home were all very professional. Did their job quietly and worked constantly. Left the work area clean. My daughter and I have no complaints.”
    Mrs. Gorski
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mesmer
    “After getting a couple of estimates we decided to go with LockTight. The plans just made more sense. We didn’t have too much interaction with the employees as they let themselves out after the end of each work day. We had quite a few problems in our basement and the river that used to run through it. I didn’t send this back right away because we wanted to wait for a good rainfall to see what happened. So just a few weeks ago our system was put to the test and when everyone else was running to home depot to get sump pumps we were resting easy without a drop of water to speak of. We are greatly happy with your quality of work. Would recommend you to anyone. Thank you!!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Mesmer
  • Ms. Woodin
    “I was quite pleased with your crew’s professionalism and conduct as well as with their work. Everyone showed up on time, worked efficiently as a team and straightened up at the end of each day. The work was done on time as promised. I was kept up-to-date with what was being done and why. All my questions were answered and they actually left the basement cleaner than it was originally. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone. Thanks!”
    Ms. Woodin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Yount
    “Excellent service, outstanding results! Thank you for your professionalism, flexibility and courtesy. We appreciate your work and work ethic greatly and cannot wait to finally utilize our basement!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Yount
  • Mr. & Mrs. Cawley
    “LockTight Waterproofing - A GREAT company. Don & Walter directed all the work wonderfully well, and the entire crew worked so hard and was extra helpful and considerate. The basement items were all put back in order and basement left neat & clean on their departure. We were completely satisfied with the project. THANKS to everyone who helped!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Cawley
  • Mr. & Mrs. Conrad
    “We can’t tell you how pleased we are with the work that was done, your companies professionalism and always willingness to answer all our questions. The crew did a fantastic job! We were especially pleased at how professional they were and very clean, protecting all our basement items. We can’t wait to start on refinishing our basement for our planned playroom, storage and exercise room and now have the confidence that everything will stay dry and the air quality is safe. We highly recommend your company to anyone looking to utilize their basements for additional storage or living space and not just a depot station for water.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Conrad
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dorobiala
    “The employees were great. It was a crazy week for us and they gave us one less thing to worry about. They were professional and courteous and patient with our 4-year old who constantly wanted to talk to them. We are very satisfied with their work. We can already feel a difference in the basement and the yard looks like nothing was done to it! We will definitely recommend LockTight! Thank you so much for the excellent work!!”
    Mr. & Mrs. Dorobiala
  • Ms. O’Donnell
    “From start to finish the work was very well supervised, no time wasted. Work ethic was outstanding. The men were very respectful and take pride in what they were doing. Work area and surroundings were left clean and reflected a job well done! Highly recommend LockTight.”
    Ms. O’Donnell
  • Mr. Prenatt
    “Your team did an excellent job!! They thoroughly explained everything they did and things that we could do to help our basement stay dry. We never had a problem reaching out to anyone to get questions answered. They did an awesome job with clean-up and were very respectful the whole time they were here. Our 2-year old son loved watching them from behind his baby gate and they did not mind him ‘being in the way’ and were very kind to him. From the work done, to the clean-up, to their friendliness, everything was top of the line. I would very highly recommend your company to anyone! Thank you!”
    Mr. Prenatt
  • Mr. & Mrs. Nedimyer
    “We want to say how pleased we are with the waterproofing job done on our basement. The men were very thorough and courteous. We look forward to many years of a dry basement.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Nedimyer
  • Mr. & Mrs. White
    “The job was conducted efficiently and conscientiously. It was easily the most satisfying experience we’ve had with any home contractors in terms of reliability and the sense of trust you earned from us. Hard to say how satisfied with the work we are, as it’s midwinter and the room will take a long time to dry out but we’ll keep you posted. Thanks!”
    Mr. & Mrs. White
  • Ms. Owens
    “The communication was very good, even with my busy schedule. Everyone on the crew was polite, answered all my questions and did a tremendous clean-up! I’m very satisfied with the finished work. I love to hear the sump pump run now that I know how bad my drainage situation was! I have done some painting already and it looked like an entirely new cellar. I’ve passed alone LockTight’s name to a few friends already! I also appreciate your patience. Thanks again!”
    Ms. Owens
  • Prichard/Meyers
    "We wanted to wait a fair period to see how our lives changed now that we no longer panic when rain is in the forecast. The change has been tremendous and our basement has never been so dry. Thank you for your strong commitment to completing our job just as you promised, from the timeline to begin the project to the work being completed and cleaned up. It was preformed perfectly. We could not have chosen a better contractor and thank you again for changing our reaction to rain and melting snow. The best part is we can now use our basement. What a treat!"
  • Ms. Drachenberg
    "I am very pleased with the work that was done on our basement. Our old basement has been transformed. We have had a couple of heavy downpours, and our basement was dry! All of your employees were polite and courteous and your foreman is excellent. He answered all of my questions and pointed out things that needed to be corrected that I didn’t know! Thank you!"
    Ms. Drachenberg
  • Mr. & Mrs. Morris
    "Seven young men, (mostly everybody is younger than I am) showed up with picks and shovels. The fact that what they were going to do without the use of some mechanical equipment in this day and age I find amazing. They immediately went to the task and from start to finish I was definitely impressed with their attitude, work ethic and performance of the task involved. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 the highest, I would give them a 12 and I don’t do that lightly. Job well done!!!"
    Mr. & Mrs. Morris
  • Wagner 2022
    "Don and his crew did a great job. They all conducted themselves in a professional manner and were very polite. They were informative and genuinely concerned that we were satisfied with the job. Don also went above and beyond expectation by repairing an exterior corner of the 1895 field stone foundation that has been water damaged over the years. Walter Reid also deserves recognition. Though he was only there for the first day of the initial job, he's been back there several times for work covered under the service warranty. He's very friendly, knowledgeable and a good craftsman."
    Wagner 2022

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