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Arcade is the name of both a town and a village in Wyoming County, New York. The town was first established in 1807 under a different name, the "Town of China," which was changed to Arcade in 1866. As of the latest census, its population was slightly over 4,200. Local residents enjoy a mixture of suburban and rural atmospheres. The town occupies an interesting location where both its southern and western town lines serve as borders for Cattaraugus County and Erie County. As with much of Western New York, its climate is notable for severe winters. Sometimes a heavy snowfall can lead to foundation issues or flooding for properties without the proper drainage systems in place. If you live in Arcade and want to prevent such potential problems, reach out to the expert waterproof and drainage contractors at LockTight Waterproofing Corp.!

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We are proud to be the Arcade community's go-to source for everything from basement waterproofing to foundation wall crack repair. Our fully licensed and insured waterproof and drainage contractors are eager to assist you with any and all types of services designed to keep your home dry, stable, and in the best possible condition. Turn to us for basement foundation repair, basement leak repair, foundation waterproofing, basement wall waterproofing, and everything in between. Whether you want to take preventive action to ensure your home is protected against flooding or the damage has already happened and you need to get things back in proper order, we've got you covered. Contact the team here at Locktight Waterproofing Corp. today to schedule service!